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Guam Cookie Cutter and Stamp - Word Guam - 2" Round

  • Guam Cookie Cutter/Stamp - Guam - 2" - Bottom View
  • Guam Cookie Cutter/Stamp - Guam - 2" - Bottom View
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Product Description

This 2" cookie cutter and stamp-in-one makes a raised Guam design on the top of cookies. It comes with an optional screwable latte stone handle and makes perfect cookies using the Guam rosketti recipe.

Did you know you can save money if you plan to order several different 2" cookie cutter and stamp-in-one designs? Just order one with a handle, and the rest without. Our handles are screwable so they can be used with other designs when needed.

This product contains:

One (1) colored 2 inch cookie cutter and stamp-in-one. (Color may change based on availability).
Optional: Screwable Latte Stone handle (handles fit all our cutter/stamps) - color of handle may vary.

Safety warning: Our screw-type Latte Handle is small and can be a choking hazard with small children and pets. We recommend that you keep these out of the reach of children and pets at all times.

Food safe PVC rigid plastic


Cookie Cutter: 2 inch diameter x 1/4 inch thick
Optional Latte Stone Handle: 3/4 inch tall

*Our cookie cutter is made in the USA and material used to manufacture our product is food safe.

Cookie cutter cuts 2 inch pieces of dough, however, during the baking process, cookies will expand and be slightly bigger than 2 inches.

Recipe Suggestions:

For best design results, we suggest that you experiment with Guam's favorite rosketti cookie recipe.

Other Useful Tips for making cookies Look their best Using our Cutter/Stamp

1. Lightly flour the counter surface where you are going to roll your dough.
2. Estimate the depth of the cookie cutter so that your rolled dough is equal to it. Too much dough or too little dough makes your cookie less than ideal.
3. Make sure that you roll your dough to a consistent thickness of about 2/8th of an inch.
4. Dip or season your whole cutter/stamp into a bed of sugar or flour before each stamping effort. This makes it easier to remove.
5. Remove excess dough from the outside perimeter of your stamp, then slowly remove your stamp from the cut-out dough.
6. Use a flat spatula to transfer your cut-out stamped cookies to your baking sheet. If your spatula is deforming the dough, make sure you used enough flour on the counter, and that you use a thin, flexible spatula.
7. Space your cookies on a cookie sheet.
8. Place cookie sheet in the refrigerator for a few hours, or in the freezer for a half hour prior to baking.


Caring for your cutter/stamp

Your cookie cutter stamp is manufactured using 3D technology to produce a Made in the USA Product. Material we used to manufacture this is food safe.This cutter stamp is porous as a result this new rapid production process - so please ensure that this cutter/stamp is prewashed and air dried for a few hours before using it. Do not wash your cutter stamp during the dough cutting process. If you must, please allow it to air dry well before reusing.

In our kitchen lab tests, our cookies turned out with an obvious raised stamp texture. We found that seasoning this cutter stamp with a bed of sugar or flour prior to each stamping effort, produces a cleaner design on the dough. If any dough gets stuck in the tiny crevices, please use a toothpick to remove any dough that remains.

While not all cookie dough recipes work with cutter/stamps, we have tested the recipe below in our kitchen and have found it to work wonderfully. You may find other cutter/stamp recipes on the Internet as well. Like any baking effort, we suggest that you modify your recipes, bake times, and temperatures to come up with your perfect cookies. Baking is a science and art, so keep experimenting.



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Warranty Information

This product is inspected for quality prior to packaging and is warranted against factory defects. Any damages noted can be photgraphed and a short note emailed for review and evaluation to sales@gerardaflaguecollection.com. We stand behind our products and believe in the highest level of customer service.

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