Modern Guam Seal Plush Mega Blanket - 90x90

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50 x 60 inches
Machine washable and image is permanent and non-fading
Modern Guam Seal Plush Mega-Sized Blanket (90x90 inches) - Printed front, white back

This is our largest mega-sized Modern Guam Seal plush blanket. Sized at 90 inches x 90 inches. This makes a perfect throw to fit over a queen or king sized bed. This blanket is so large, it fits up to two adults and one to two children underneath! Find warmth while watching your favorite movie under this super-large, super-soft plush throw blanket. Perfect for the bedroom, living room, the car, or take with you to a ball game.

Because this is the world's largest Modern Guam Seal blanket, it makes the biggest statement if it is hung or displayed for all to see. Hang it as room decor or use your imagination on how you can make impact.

  • Plush, velvet-like, super-soft fabric
  • Comes in 90 x 90 inches
  • Image printed on one-side only (opposite face in white)
  • Dry-Cleaning is suggested for best wear, but machine washing is okay (Do not use bleach)

Note: For those that are familiar with dense, heavy Korean style blankets, our blanket it different. Our velveteen blanket is a lighter weight and longer type blanket.









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