Kusina Finadenne Bowl in Oatmeal Blackfill w/Cover 18 oz - Guam and CNMI Kitchenware

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We have placed an order for this bowl to be remade. An estimated date of availability will be announced once our factory is able to make that determination. Their operation has ceased because of COVID-19 for the short term.

Our newly designed I Kusina Finadene Bowl is a premium, hand-made, high-quality product made in the United States. This makes a perfect gift, and to display in a home for family gatherings or social events as you serve up some spicy (pika) fina'dene. While we custom made this as a fina'dene bowl, you most certainly can use it for soups, or cereal for that matter.

Capacity: 18 oz
Color Glaze: Oatmeal
Size: 5.625″w x 3.125″h.

Note: Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. 100% lead-free.

Warranted against manufacturer's defects. Variation in color is a normal process of pottery glazing and firing.