Blue Kusina Fina'denne' Bowl w/Cover, 16 oz - Guam and CNMI Kitchenware

This product will be available to order on July 28, 2022. We are currently on vacation. Fulfilled within 7-9 days + select USPS shipping.
2.00 LBS

Our newly designed I Kusina Fina'denne' Bowl is a premium, hand-made, high-quality product made in the United States. This makes a perfect gift, and to display in one's home for family gatherings or social events as you serve up some spicy (pika) fina'denne'. While we custom made this as a fina'dene bowl, you most certainly can use it for soups or cereal.

Capacity: 16 oz
Color Glaze: Blue

Accessory: This bowl includes a wooden cover with a silicone band. Because this is a hand-made product, the cover may not sit perfectly tight in the opening. We apologize as there isn't any way to ensure that it will always be a perfect fit. However, we take every effort to try and fit a cover before packaging it. If you would like a glass cover instead, please include your request in your notes.

Note: Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. 100% lead-free. Eco-safe.

Blue - 25-10-15R?

Warranted against manufacturer's defects. Variation in color is a normal process of pottery glazing and firing.