Chamorro Music and Song (Book) from Guam and the Marianas (Arranged Music)

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Chamorro Music and Songs from Guam and the Marianas by Flora Baza Quan "Queen of Chamorro Music".

Songs arranged by:
Bernadette T. Camacho and Carlo Gaa

Edited by:
Carlos T. Laguana

Book and its contents are copyrighted 2016.

Contents of arranged music includes:

Ai Guahan, Nuebu Nasionta (Oh Dear Guam, Our New Nation)
Dispensa, I Cheluhu (Forgive My Friend)
Fan Hongi Fino Anghet (Believe in the Word of Angels)
Hafa Taimanu Un Sodda I Linalamu (How can you find your life)
Hagu (You)
Hinassu (Reflections/Remembering)
I Chamoru (The Chamorro)
Isaohu Magahit Hungan (It's My Fault, Yes It Is)
Kao Ta Ali'e Talu (Will I see You Again)
Magof Yu (I Am So Happy)
Manu Hit Mohon (Where Will We Be)
Nai Guinaiyamu (Give Your Love)
Niu Ngaian Tiu Talu (I'll Never Do It Again)
Sirena (The Mermaid)
Ta Asungon Na DOs (We'll Bear With One Another)
Todu I Tiempo (Always)
Tok Tuk Yu Fan Pago (Hold Me Close Now)
Yangin Ti Hagu (IF It Weren't For You)
Yangin Ti Yamu Yu (If You Don't Love Me)
Put Tai Nobio (It Hurst Not to Have A Love One) (Lyrics only)
Afterword: I Am a Chamorro" By T.J. Quan

Note: The compact disks titled "Hagu" and "Todo I Tiempu" reflect lyrics and sheet music in this book.


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