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Family Size Pacific Red Hot Pepper Donne Dinanchi - 24 oz

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Red hot chili peppers are grown on the pacific island of Rota then freshly picked and processed. This spicy pepper mix was perfected for extended shelf life. These hot peppers are ground into a paste and mixed with salt, garlic and a pinch of preservatives, but is MSG free. Great for spicing up meat, fish, soups and other spicy dishes, including hot dipping sauces.

This family size jar offers the best value once per once and should last you for months stored in the refrigerator.

Size: 24 liquid oz

Weight: 2.5 pounds (It's a heavy jar of hot pepper paste)

Uses: Great straight out of the bottle for any and all savory entrees, side dishes, and appetizers.

Here is how the sizes stack up.



Warranted for freshness.