Guamanian Owned - BOKA Gourmet Beef Jerky - Korean Style BBQ - 2.5oz Bag

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A Guamanian owned product, BOKA Gourmet's Korean style BBQ is savory with a hint of the sweet and sour, giving this its authentic flavor.  The luscious layers of flavor you will taste come from a unique blend of Asian inspired seasonings.

Ingredients: Beef, fresh white onion pureed,honey, gluten-free tamari sauce (water, sugar, soybeans, salt) dark brown cane sugar, apple juice, hot pepper paste (wheat flour, corn syrup, hot pepper powder,salt,wheat,cooking rice wine, soybean powder, malt), fresh garlic pureed, seasoned rice wine vinegar (rice vinegar, water sugar, salt, diluted with water), sesame oil, ground ginger powder, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and roasted sesame seeds.

*This product contains soy and wheat and alcohol.

This product is warrented by the manufacturer.