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Ikamyu Coconut Grater Modern Guam Seal

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The ikamyu [ee-kam-zju] coconut grater is a highly functional and efficient kitchen tool to grate coconut effortlessly. It is a highly-refined and engineered kitchen product designed by Gerard Aflague. 


Practical in use, it doubles as kitchen decor, while quickly making fresh-grated coconut for a variety of recipes when needed. iKamyu replaces the traditional wooden-stooled coconut grater making it safer, lighter, and more versatile. Gerard cleverly identified over twelve enhancements that make this product superior to the conventional wooden coconut grater. This product manufactured is exclusively for the Gerard Aflague Collection. 


How You Can Use This Product

Easily make freshly grated coconut for desserts, entrees, and side dishes. Some of the more popular uses of grated coconut or its milk by-products are for things such as coconut candy, chicken and beef soups, curries, and lemon chopped chicken and more.


What You Should Know About This Product

Product includes:

  •  1 each - 11 x 15 x .25 inch aluminum coconut grater 
  •  1 each - Full-color vinyl skin on the front and on the back (see photos)
  •  1 each - Gray-colored plastic safety cap with Velcro
  •  1 each - Complimentary Satellite Guam map
  •  1 each - Wrought iron-stand

Product features:

  • Modern design
  • Lightweight at 3.5 lbs
  • Double grater head
  • One-core screwless and jointless design
  • Non-corrosive aluminum
  • Velcro safety-cap
  • Designed in vivid-color
  • Coconut chute and hanging eye
  • Displays on wall or counter
  • Packs easily, ships cheaply, stores safely
  • 6-month warranty
  • Recycles after decades of use

Chamorro Inspired & Designed | Manufactured in Denver. Made in the USA | Materials Safe and Highly Engineered

Disclaimer: iKamyu skins are copyright by the Gerard Aflague Collection.

How This Product Works

Place iKamyu on a chair with an appropriate height. Place a large bowl underneath the grater (to catch grated coconut). While sitting on iKamyu, remove Velcro safety cap, and take half of a mature coconut and grate it against the grater head (watch video) in an inward spiral fashion. Once the desired quantity of grated coconut is realized, use coconut as required in recipes. Note: iKamyu's grater head should be washed with soap and water to remove debris, and dried before replacing safety cap for display.




This product is inspected for quality prior to packaging and is warranted against factory defects. Damages can be photographed and attached with a note emailed to

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