Islander Heritage Tribe White Vinyl Decal

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The Islander Heritage Tribe© White Vinyl Decal is a stylish Guam decal that truly shows your heritage and island spirit.

Measures approximately: 4x6 inches


Vinyl Decal Product Information and Instructions

Always clean surface you plan to affix your decal using a good surface cleaner. Make sure to wipe surface and allow to dry thoroughly.

Small decals: Remove the back layer of your vinyl decal, hold the clear transfer layer with both hands, and stick one end to your desired spot, while rubbing with a credit card. Affix well to the surface, then remove the transfer layer. You're done.

Large decals: Place your decal onto the desired surface. With the backing paper on, put masking tape along the length edge of your decal. This becomes a hinge. Flip the decal over the hinge. Carefully peel off the back paper layer off the decal entirely. Using a card, rub the decal with the clear backing onto the surface from one full edge. Slowly peel off the clear layer. You're done.

Removing Your Decal: 
From glass: Spray with window cleaner, allow to soak for a few minutes. Use bladed scraper to lift edges while peeling off. If already worn, keep scrapping in small amounts until fully clean.

From car or laptop body: Use a plastic scraper to lift up side and clean with clean, wet, rag. If residue remains, use glue gone cleaner.

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Product is warranted against manufactures defects.