Marianas Karabao Bone Sinahi and Beads with Spondylus Accents

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Proudly wear or gift a Mariånas cultural necklace crafted by a gifted Guam-artisan. This Chamoru sinahi (crecent moon shape) pendant is complemented by a a beautiful dark beaded arrangement offering a timeless look representing native jewelry of the Chamoru people. This necklace has a sliding back strap to allow one to adjust the height of the sinahi displayed on one's chest (see photo for two example). Sinahis are more commonly worn by men who have ties or a love for the Mariana islands.

The pendant is handcrafted from water buffalo or karabao bone from a land-mammal that once roamed the Mariånas. The darker beads are meticulously crafted by hand from water buffalo horn. This piece has some Marianas Karabao Bone Sinahi and beads with spondylus accents beads to complement the darker beads and offer some subtle character. The materials to make this necklace are mostly resourced from Guam.

The sinahi pendant in these photos is approximately 3.75 inches wide x 1 inch high x .25 inch thick.



Warranted against craftsmanship defects.