Mega Modern Guam Seal 9 Inch Embroidered Twill Patch

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What We Love About This Product

Our Mega-Sized Modern Guam Seal 9 Inch Twill Patch is a great logo to put sew onto your jacket, martial arts gis and more to represent your island. It is 80% embroidery on twill material to keep cost moderately. This product is exclusively manufactured for the Gerard Aflague Collection. 

How You Can Use This Product
There are many uses for this patch. Frame it. Stitch it to your jacket, hoodie, and more. Represent your island on your martial arts gis. Sew this on your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis.

What You Should Know About This Product
Product includes:

  •   1 each - Mega-Sized Modern Guam Seal 9 Inch Twill Patch (7 inches at its widest point)

Product features:

  • 20 percent twill material
  • 80 percent embroidered

Chamorro Inspired & Designed    |    Manufactured in China. Designed in the USA    

How This Product Works
Patches are a great way to place high-quality images onto apparel, to frame them, or to give them as gifts to family and friends.

Textual Description of Product for the Visually Impaired
This product is a Mega-Sized Modern Guam Seal 9 Inch Twill Patch. Made with quality in mind. This design is an exclusive of the Gerard Aflague Collection.

Ordering Assistance for the Disabled
If you are disabled in any way and need assistance to place an order over the phone, simply email us at or leave a voicemail message at 703-508-9989, and we will return your call at your specified convenience to take your order over the phone. 

Disclaimer: Our Modern Guam Seal design is uniquely created by and for the Gerard Aflague Collection brand. By virtue of our online sale of these designs, we claim common rights through copyright since its publishing in 2013. We do not transfer rights to any person or entity to use our designs for any products outside of the Gerard Aflague Collection. Sale of any products online or otherwise, using our Modern Guam Seal design is strictly, and expressly prohibited.




This product is warranted for product quality and performance.