Minimalist Chamoru Sinahi Necklace

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Proudly wear or gift a Mariånas cultural necklace crafted by Guam-artisan Lopaka Kanaka’oleThis minimalist Chamoru sinahi (crecent moon shape) pendant offers a timeless look representing native jewelry of the Chamoru people. Small enough to wear with one's military uniform or for those that enjoy something less pronounced but still seek to reflect their Mariånas love. This necklace has a sliding back strap to allow one to adjust the height of the sinahi displayed on one's chest (see photos for two examples). 

The pendant is made from hima, or the giant clam shell. The material to make this necklace is resourced from Guam and/or the CNMI.

The sinahi pendant in these photos are approximately 1.50-1.75 inches wide x .5 inch high.

Weight of this necklace is .5 ounces.



Warranted against craftsmanship defects.