Single 8 oz Tita's Guyuria Snack Bag

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Guam's most favorite guyuria made fresh daily at the island's premier bakery owned by Tita. Favored by many islanders, this guyuria is not only delicious, it's got a hint of coconut, and is crunchy and flaky. 

Our inventory is limited and will not be available for long. Once it sells out, we may not have any more for a long while.

Shipped directly from Colorado to you!

Made in Apra Heights, Guam

Ingredients: flour, coconut, milk, and sugar.

Net Weight: About 8 oz (this is a single bag product purchase)

Photo: Gerard meets with his 2nd cousin, Tita, owner of Tita's Bakery in Guam, who still manages her own bakery. Photograph taken on April 2023.

Expires April 2024, but we recommend eating it sooner than later. 


Warranted against manufacturing spoilage.