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Oxnard, CA -- Your finadene bowl makes for beautiful pottery. It's really great! -- Rose S.

Signal Hill, CA - I bought your large Guam seal patch. That and your other products are absolutely awesome products!A great website with me lots of items representing Guam. Decent prices and shipping was fast. Keep up the good work and will definitely will be ordering again. -- Brian Q.

Fresno, CA - Good morning Gerard! WOW! We received the mugs and the DVD. The Finadene-made-easy mugs are wonderful! My husband surprised us and ordered three of the Fina 'Dene. One is for us, and the other two are for our son and his wife, and our daughter and her husband. Our daughter saw it, and we all love it! We're excited to try it out this evening. As for the I Am Chamorro DVD, my husband plans to watch it with my father-in-law this evening - they are very much looking forward to it! Thank you! --Selena C.

Such great service & awesome selection. I purchased the "I Am Chamorro" Blu-Ray DVD. As usual, it is always a pleasure doing business with you! I can always expect the best service and products. Thank you! -- Russell U.

Ordering more of your Tribal Guam Seal Car Rear-View Hanging Decor. Great workmanship! I really love these so does my family. -- Rose Q.

My latte stone candle recently came in. It is a beautiful centerpiece to represent our island. The size of the candle is perfect. -- Sarah H

My family loves the Chamorro Novena song books but I had forgotton to order the Chamoritta book! Oh man! -- June D.

I loved my order! This company is awesome! EXCELLENT customer service. Gerard took care of me and treated me like family. He listened and took care of me needs. He made sure I got my items that I used as Christmas gifts. They also all came in beautiful packaging.-- Calen D.

I bought the Pacific Island Hot Pepper Jerkey, It was good and I also loved the calendars I received.Everyone loved the license frames. Everything i ordered came before Christmas even thought I ordered late. Thanks for your help on the phone. Happy new year. -- Linda C.

I've always wanted a Chamorro colors poster. I went on your website and it's exactly what I wanted. -- Dee B.

Recently I ordered a guyuria board and Guam cookie stamps. Thank you. I love my cookies and my stamps. -- Marie B.

I bought the Modern Guam Seal Resin Cookie Cutter Stamp measuring 3.5 inch. This is an excellent product. -- Carolyn C.

I bought the Tribe White Vinyl Decal. Chamorros are very proud of our heritage! Gerard's products give us a chance to connect with our pride and show it off! Gerard has done a great job of making sure we get 100% quality in the products he provides! Si Yu'us ma'ase Gerard! -- Aaron T.

The white Guam Seal mugs were simple, yet very elegant. I decided to gift one mug to my niece and use the other in my office. This is a beautiful set! Thank you!--Jesse A.

I received the ikamyu coconut grater with the antique Guam map design yesterday and I love the design that I chose. The product seems very strong and I was really pleased with how fast it got to me. I have not got a chance to use it yet but I'm sure we will put it to good use. -- Jackie P.

This classy Chamorro visor hat was well made and is attractive. There will many other Chamorritas wanting one of their own. -- Cecelia E.

This Chamorro Lord's Prayer key chain was a gift. The quality of workmanship was amazing! -- Mary E.

I just love my Guam apron and luggage tag! The apron design is beautiful and the Guam tag and color is a must have! -- Julie V.

Wesley Chapel, Florida - Hafa adai Gerard. I wanted to pass on to you that our package arrived last night, and smiles were shared by all. My primo is definitely impressed with the product, and more so that you were able to get his logo on the iKamyu (both sides to boot). Thank you so much for your support throughout the whole purchasing process...customer service is what keeps us coming back for more, and the willing to share the product/site with our close friends and family members. -- David Q.

Lakewood, Washington -- I recently purchased your Guam Seal cookie cutter and I'm very happy with the end results. My next project is using your candy mold (to make Guam chocolates). -- Doris F.

Sacramento, California -- Gerard. I am so pleased with your service. This is my third time ordering from you and you never let me down. Your delivery is quick, and you even email me letting me know about the whereabouts of my order. I don't have to call you to make sure it is on its way. Thank you again and I can't wait to order from you again! -- Krystal V.

Spanaway, Washington -- Gerard. I loved the license frame. It's beautiful!!!  I had to put it on my car immediately before my husband put it on his.  Thank you for the prompt shipment as well!. -- Tony M.

Dededo, Guam -- Hey Gerard! I just wanted to email you to tell you that I received my Guam-styled phone case. What an awesome product! Thanks! -- Mark R.

Merced, California
-- Hafa adai. I bought your premium sports apparel rash guard for a gift. They absolutely loved it! -- Eva G.

Aurora, Colorado -- Got my new great looking rasta colored tribal Guam seal phone case. Thanks Gerard for all your great products. -- Lori M.

Ozone, Arkansas -- Buenas yan hafa adai. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your services. I received my lemon powder. I'm so happy! Blessings to you.-- Elvira, R.

New York, New York -- The Metgot Preserving our Culture T-Shirt is a good quality item, my hubby loves it! -- Jennifer N.

San Francisco, California -- The chocolate molds that allow me to make my own custom flavored chocolates in the Si Yu'os Ma'ase design were easy to use and I was excited to have something that represented our island to give to our guests. -- Carmen E.

Newbury, California - I recently bought two iKamyu coconut graters for myself and my father as a gift. They sport the Tribal Guam Seal and the Grunge Island of Guam Map. I am extremely happy with all of my purchases. The quality is top notch and I will definitely be buying more.  -- Frankie G.

Sidney, Ohio - I love my Chamorro Heritage posters and what they say on them! I bought one for each of my daughters and I will be ordering four more for m siblings to give as gifts after framing them. You do beautiful artwork, and the story tells about who I am!  -- Frances T.

Northern California -- Our Guam restaurant in Cali sports many of your fine-art illustrated posters. We get many compliments and interests about them. They are awesome! -- Anonymous

Washington -- I received my chocolate molds in time to make my party favors. They turned out wonderfully. I'm very satisfied. -- M. Hanson.

Cabot, AR -- My goddaughter graduated from high school this weekend. She asked for Guam seal rosketti cookies as her party favors. I bought and used the Modern Guam Seal Cookie Cutter Stamp that you invented. They were a hit! We made 50 bags that contained one seal, a star, a heart, and a pepper... and there were none left over. - M. Jones

Florida -- My custom printed table cover for my business just arrived and it's perfect! Thank you so much. -- N. Manibusan

Japan - We ordered two iPhone cases with a Guam design. These items exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased and satisfied! With many iPhones here available for the military community, it's nice to get something that is different and more personal. It's also lightweight which is a plus compared to other cases that are heavy :) Si Yu'us Ma'ase! - R. Coe

Litchfield Park, Arizona - Hi Gerard! Just wanted to let you know my package was waiting for me when we returned to Arizona from California. Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly. I really appreciate it! - Judy R.

Anchorage, Alaska - The quality of the item I purchased arrived in good condition. I love my case!! And will be back for the plush blanket. Thank you for my surprise! - Anonymous

Elk Grove, California - Fast shipper with a personable touch; included a hand-written thank you for the order. - Anonymous

Hillsboro, Oregon - The item I ordered arrived in very timely manner, I plan to do business again with this company! I also got a free Christmas card from the Islands, a nice suprise. - Anonymous

Moody AFB, Georgia - Thanks to Gerard Aflague Collection, I am able to represent the islands in the mainland. Soon others from the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands will too. - Anonymous

San Antonio, Texas - Your Embroidered Guam Seal Tote Bag arrived in great condition. I love it.  - Anonymous

San Diego, California - I just received my Embroidered Guam Seat-Belt Wraps. It is a wonderfully designed product. High quality. I wish I could purchase more. - Anonymous

Simi Valley, California - We bought your Guam Seal designed Samsung Galaxy 3 Snap-On Case. You are a superb seller. I'm giving you a 5-star rating! - Anonymous

Tampa, Florida- Your Finadene-Made-Easy Measuring Mug was exactly as advertised. It's a quality product, with careful packing - thank you! - Anonymous

Sacramento, California - We bought your Modern Guam Seal Car Decal. Item shipped fast! High quality for sure! Will buy from again - Anonymous

Las Vegas, Nevada - Thank you again for the items & fast delivery. It was very quick to get here & I love the stickers you added. I will definitely be ordering again soon & telling everyone I know about your website. - J. San Nicolas

Norfolk, Virginia - I just wanted to say I bought a bung of items for my son for Christmas. He's an up and coming chef and wanted only kitchen "stuff". Of all the items he got, Calphalon pots/pans, top of the line knife set, etc... (from another source), he loved his new Chamorro chef apron and just loved, loved his bamboo cutting board with the Guam seal in the corner that we bought from you. He said the cutting board was the best gift he got. He kept showing it to people during Christmas dinner! Thanks for making an awesome product that brought a huge smile to my son's face. Who would've thought...a cutting board. LOL By the way, thanks for the freebies you included in the shipment. Much appreciated! - B. Kelly

Tampa, Florida - I received my coconut grater (ikamyu).  Without a hint of disappointment, I'm indeed satisfied above and beyond. I would like to extend my gratitude for your attention to detail and customer service.  Your personal and extra gifts made it more valuable to me. - Anonymous

Panama, Floria - I had my phone case personalized with my name on it, and I always get compliments from people asking me where I got it from. We love to represent our Chamorro blood stateside, but it's hard to find stuff, so your website is awesome! - Danilynn L.

Fountain, Colorado - My parents truly loved the ikamyu and was amazed at the quality and thickness of the aluminum. I told my dad it was time to retire his old splintered coconut grater from the 1920s. It's definitely kelaguen making time! My decals I received with my family name on them are just truly awesome. Can't wait to pass them out to my family. - Esther V.

Agat, Guam - We truly appreciate your work. I ordered the mosaic Guam seal because I think it's beautiful and personal. I wanted it for myself but thought that it would better suit my friend since she recently moved from Guam to Louisiana. The gift is for her office. - Patricia M.

Aurora, Colorado - Whoa!  My Micronesian Kingfisher (Sihek) poster arrived the other day and I am in cloud nine!  I continue to appreciate the stellar quality of your art work and creativity, Gerard.  Si Yu'os Ma'åse'.  And to all my che'lus around the globe, drop in and check out Gerard Aflague's site.  Extend this "son of Guam" your full endorsement. I did.  :*) - An Inalåhan, Guåhan transplant in Aurora, CO.

Myrtle Beach, North Carolina - I purchased your Chief Quipuha shower curtain for my bathroom. I was very impressed with the design and the quality of the product. - Anonymous

Sacramento, California - Your products were high-quality, well-packaged, and shipped in a timely manner. We will definitely order from your website again. Thanks. - Jennifer C.

Jefferson, Georgia - Your product exceeded my expectations, relative to its good quality. Thanks. - Chris G.

Moreno Valley, California - I was quite pleased with my order. It was exactly as I imagined. - Gerri H.

Monroe City, Missouri - Thank you. I'm so pleased with the "Please remove your footwear" plaque and have had several comments on it, and how it looks on my door. - Linda B.

Milton, Florida - I just wanted to thank you for my shirt and canvas illustration. The items are beautiful. My son will love the decals you sent and the shirt I ordered for him is just perfect! The canvas picture of the Modern Guam Seal is exactly what I wanted. It looks fantastic!. Thank you again, and I will keep checking your web site for more goodies. - Susan P.

Seaford, Delaware - I received my Guam landmark poster Gerard. The pictures online do not do justice. I unrolled my illustration and it is absolutely fabulous! I'm thinking of re-doing my family room around this picture. I need to get it framed first though. With your illustration, I'm up for the change and the challenge. Thank you so much again. - Becky E.

Las Vegas, Nevada - I really love the way my posters look. The coconut crab and the galaide grace my walls, among others. I've got them framed in my home. I was very happy with the quality and feel it will last for years to come. I'm glad to see new designs online. I'll definitely be buying more illustrations. You do great work Gerard. - Brian T., formerly of Ipan, Talofofo

Andersen AFB, Guam - We framed our two Guam illustrations. They look absolutely beautiful in our home! You do awesome work! - Heather M.

San Diego, California - After winning the "Bloodsport" poster at the San Diego Chamorro Cultural Festival, I had to get the Fahnoghe Chamorro and Nginge' posters. I really like them. I'll be sure to let my family know about your website. - Crystin A.

Aurora, Colorado - WHOA!!! I'm so excited here! My first ordered poster of the Ko'ko' arrived this morning. Beautiful indeed! I’m so ready to start my collection of Gerard's island-themed poster illustrations. Gerard, you’ve got a superlative collection indeed! Si Yu’us Ma’ȧse’! - Frank S., formerly from Inarajan, Guam