25 pcs roll - 1.5" Hafa Adai Stickers for Envelopes, Gifts, and for Party Favors

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Introducing our vibrant 1.5-inch Hafa Adai Stickers—a burst of cultural pride for every occasion! Perfect for envelopes, gifts, and party favors, these brightly colored stickers are a versatile addition to your festive repertoire.

Express your Chamorro heritage with every peel-and-stick moment. These stickers are more than just decorations; they're a celebration of warmth and connection. While recommended for indoor applications, these water-resistant stickers add a lively touch to your personal items. However, please note that they are not waterproof.

Whether sealing envelopes, adorning gifts, or enhancing party favors, let the spirit of "Hafa Adai" shine through in every detail. Order your 1.5-inch Hafa Adai Stickers today and bring a splash of Chamorro culture to your celebrations!

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