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Ai Adai Guali'ek Everywhere: A Rhyming Story about Island Geckos

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This Marianas (Guam & CNMI) children's book entitled "Ai Adai, Guali'ek Everywhere" is a fun-filled children's rhyming story about the tiny, brown geckos found in many Guam and CNMI homes in the Marianas. Read this colorfully illustrated book to your children and take them on an island journey as you teach them and introduce them to the gecko or guali'ek. Lots of interesting images were weaved into this book - which will bring you back to the islands.

After reading this book several times, this story about the Guali'ek or gecko will live in their hearts of your young ones for years to come. This is a very simple, well-written book that is sure to be read over and over again, and to be shared with family and friends across the world. This book also makes a wonderful gift to give to others who have a connection with the islands of Guam or the CNMI.

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