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Ayuyu Coconut Crab White Vinyl Decal - 5x7 inches

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What We Love About This Product
This Ayuyu Coconut Crab white vinyl decal is a new line of modern looking decals for the Gerard Aflague Collection. This single colored white vinyl decal is perfect for car windows, vans, laptops, and more. Machine cut and hand weeded, this is a handcrafted product. 

How You Can Use This Product:
Represent your island and heritage with this cultural product. When strangers recognize your decal, they will know you are from the Marianas.

What You Should Know About This Product 

  • This is a 5 inch wide by 7 inch tall decal
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Material is made of durable white vinyl.
Basic Tips
Applying your vinyl graphics is simple if you follow some basic guidelines:

  • Best results are achieved when installed inside a covered garage away from extreme weather.
  • Decal is sandwiched between the clear tacky transfer tape and waxy backing material.
  • The waxy backside paper is to be removed first, while keeping the decal stuck onto the clear transfer tape before applying to window or other clean surface.

Installation Site Conditions:

  • Only apply to hard, smooth surfaces.
  • Ideal temperature to install is 50 F - 95 F.
  • Do not install if windy, dusty, or rainy conditions are involved.
  • Take a moment to clean the surface, and wipe dry in preparation for the application.


Installation Instructions

  • Peel away waxy back layer carefully.
  • Ensure decal is stuck to the clear tacky transfer paper. Gently lay one edge in a position on the surface that is desired.
  • Slowly lay rest the remaining parts of your decal carefully.
  • Use a credit card or plastic squeegy to press decal firmly against surface.
  • Peel away transfer paper and reveal perfectly placed decal.

Ordering Assistance for the Disabled
If you are disabled in any way and need assistance to place an order over the phone, simply email us at or leave a voicemail message at 703-508-9989, and we will return your call at your specified convenience to take your order over the phone.

Warranted for quality construction and workmanship.