Chamorro Christmas Hymns Book (Guam and CNMI Novena Songs)

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Chamorro Christmas Hymns Song Book - Favorite Novena Songs of Guam and CNMI is a compilation of 14 of the most memorable novena songs traditionally sung across the islands of Guam and the CNMI during the holiday season. Each page has a complimentary image that reflect that song and the culture of the island.

Song titles include:

  • Iya Belen
  • Fanmåtto  Manhengge
  • Dåndan i Panderetas
  • Sen  Bonito,  O Maria
  • Si Jose Yan Si Maria
  • Magof Noche-Buena
  • Ta  Fanmagof  Todos
  • Kantåyi  Gui’
  • Puengen Yu’os
  • Ta  Falågue  Sahyao
  • Na Guinaiyayon
  • Nihi Pastores
  • O Patgon Belen
  • Maila' Maila' Emmanuel

Type: Softcover

Size: 8.5x8.5 inches

Cover: Glossy

Inside: Matte - Non-Glossy

Inside Pages: 40+

Picture Pages: Every page is beautifully illustrated

Color: Cover to Cover and Inside Pages

This book is warranted against factory printing defects.