Chamorro Ethnogrpahy Symbolic Cultural Art Fine-Art Illustration [FBO]

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This is an Ethongraphic Symbolism of the Chamorro Culture in a Fine-Art Poster Illustration. Each element on this poster tells a story of the people of the Mariana Islands and its heritage.

This poster is a fine-art Giclee product, printed in 18x24 and 24x36 inches in dimension. The optional plaque is a fine-art wood product with high-luster, and beautiful workmanship. (Plaques cannot be laminated)

The Meaning Behind the Symbolism
Symbolic representations are in every culture across the world. The culture of the Chamorros is no different. While some symbols are more associated with the Chamorros, this illustration is a depiction of the ancient Marianas culture in the eyes of the illustrator. A contemporary art-concept, this abstract drawing is a reflection of story going back thousands of years.

Elemental Explanation:
The main colors of black and deep orange depict the hues that were found in anthropologic artistry of the ancient Chamorros on jewelry and body adornement. The sling shape of the exterior border mimics the sling stone found in archaelogical digs, and also represents the
shape found on the Guam flag. The tropical leaves in the background speak to the rich flora of the islands which grow abundantly.

The weaved texture speaks to the skill of the natives to create useful items from palm and pandana, and other leaves as part of daily life. The cross speaks to the faith of the religious folk (many who are now Catholic in faith) and the introduction of Christianity. The sails on the exterior of the circles represent the flying proas and sakmans, which were sea-going vessels, and an engineering marvel of its time - found nowhere else in the world.

The upside down v-shapes that encompass the second inner circle depicts the housetops woven from leaves that were found throughout the island hundreds of years past. The raindrops which surround the interior circle stand for the water that is so much a part of the people's livelihood, and daily survival.

The Latte Stones that number eight are a testament to strength and ingenuity of the Mariana islanders, and represent the foundation that were the pillars found holding up many ancient Chamorro huts. The fire that surrounds the inner circle speaks to the life-giving heat that provides for cooking, sanitation, and a refining of a people. Lastly, the single circle in the center represents the single source of all things from which this ancient culture came from. God.

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