CHAMORU CUISINE: A Mariånas Cultural Legacy (A Guam and CNMI Book of Culture and Recipes)

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Late Spring 2020
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Many hundreds of "CHAMORU CUISINE: A Mariånas Cultural Legacy" cookbooks have been pre-ordered. Our book is an award-winning 2019 Gourmand "Best in World" Cookbook.

Our Mariåna Islands cookbook includes:

  • Origins of our legacy
  • Narratives of preserving and passing the CHamoru culture
  • Detailed maps and information of Guam, Rota, Tinian, and Saipan
  • Overview of the Mariånas
  • Stories of CHamoru culture
  • A narrative about the CHamoru people
  • A story about the CHamoru fiesta
  • Prayers in CHamoru and English
  • Kitchen conversations in CHamoru and English
  • Pencil drawings of Mariånas life from an 1800s Russian artist
  • Narratives and photos of five old CHamoru culinary practices
  • Colorful land and sea photos of the Marianas Islands
  • A brief History of CHamoru cuisine
  • Illustrations of basic ingredients in English and CHamoru
  • Helpful kitchen hints
  • 110+ CHamoru recipes including island-inspired recipes
  • Doneness and temperature guides
  • Glossary of culinary terms and definitions in CHamoru and English
  • Mariånas harvesting calendars
  • Index
  • Notes pages

Each recipe in our book was prepared in our test kitchen with optimal ingredients for greater health. Recipes were crafted in keeping with the taste one would expect from CHamoru cooking.

Pages: 424 total
Book size: 7.5 x 9.5 x 1.25 inches
Orientation: Portrait
Cover: Hardback cover with a soft-touch feel with a debossed, textured title
Inside: Full color
Edition: 1st
Publisher: DBA Blue Wave Press
Authors: Gerard and Mary Aflague
Content and Copy Editor: Victoria Leon Guerrero
Cultural and CHamoru Editor: Joey Franquez

Below is the current status as of Friday, March 27, 2020.

Book Writing: Completed
Kitchen Recipe Testing: Completed
Food Photography: Completed

Cultural Editing: Completed
Recipe Editing: Completed
Cover to Cover Author Review: Completed
Full Payment to Printer: Completed
Confirmation of Printing Specifications: Completed

Prepress File Conversion Testing with Printer: Completed
Final Chamoru Orthography Review: Ongoing with UOG Chamoru linguist: Completed
Final Manuscript Review with Editor of UOG Press: Completed
Editing Final Draft from Reviews by Two Preceding Steps: Completed
Transmitting Final PDF Cover Pages to Printer: Completed
Transmitting Final PDF End Sheet Pages to Printer: Completed

Transmitting Final PDF Interior Pages to Printer: Completed
Receipt of Final PDFs by Printer (Cover, End Sheets, Interior Pages): Completed
Acceptance by PrePress for File Preparation: Completed
Printer Preparing Proofs: Completed
Authors Reviewing Proofs: In-Process
Book Production: Printing, Binding, and Packaging: Starts in 3-4 days
Shipping of Books from Korea to the USA: Not Started
Customer Deliveries: Not Started

Warranted against manufacturer's printing defects.