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Ikamyu Hand-held Chamoru Cuisine Coconut Grater

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iKamyu [ee-kam-zju] mini is a highly-refined hand-held coconut grater. Resilient, functional, and colorfulI, it is a highly-refined functional kitchen tool to make fresh, finely grated coconut for a variety of uses. It's not just pretty, its an actual hand-held grater that makes grated coconut pretty easily.

Easily fresh-grated coconut for desserts, entrees, and side dishes. Some of the more popular uses of grated coconut or its milk by-product are for things such as coconut candy, chicken and beef soups, curries, and lemon chopped chicken and more.

Product includes:

  •   1 each - Approximately 4 x 2.5 x .25 inches aluminum coconut grater
  •   Product instructions

Product features:

  • Double grater head
  • One-core screwless and jointless design
  • Non-corrosive recyclable aluminum
  • Product instructions

How it works: The iKamyu Mini Coconut Hand Grater is used with one hand while the other holds the coconut half. Note: iKamyu's grater head should be washed with soap and water to remove debris, and dried before replacing safety cap for storage or display.

Chamorro Inspired & Designed    |    Manufactured in Denver. Made in the USA    |    Materials Safe and Highly Engineered

Disclaimer: iKamyu skins are copyrighted by the Gerard Aflague Collection. iKamyu is pending trademark approval.



This product is inspected for quality prior to packaging and is warranted against factory defects.