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English Growth Mindset Teacher Classroom Poster, 18x24

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The "mindset' concept developed by psychologist Carol Dweck proposes that self-perceptions in one's learning potential determines an individuals capacity for learning new skills, abilities, and talents. Dweck proposes the extreme spectrums between a fixed versus growth mindset.

This very effective poster illustration offers insights into the contrasting perceptions of these two mindsets. It provides students an opportunity to understand how their beliefs shape their capacity for learning and future growth as well as success.

A growth mindset is an educational theory that many teachers embrace as part of their teaching arsenal. Teaching a growth mindset helps to strengthen children's perceptions and beliefs as they grow and understand their world and learning capacities. Our poster is a great tool that works to identify thinking strategies in the areas of desires, skills, abilities, efforts, setbacks, feedback, and how to perceive talented peers. Over the course of time, we encourage you to use this poster to employ thinking strategies with students and help them to discover their potential.

Dimensions: 18x24 inches

Media: 100 pound book

Finish: UV gloss

Special note: To mount this poster properly, use a frame with a viewable area of 18x24 inches.

This is a Mindsets classroom poster that depicts the thinking and perspective of a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. Teacher created, this poster that ultimately stresses the benefits of having a growth mindset for learning and carreer success is essential for educational organizations.


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