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Flavored Lemon Powder (Yours) - A Guam and CNMI Favorite

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Yours Brand Lemon Flavored Powder is an iconic food product that is popular in the Mariåna islands of Rota, Tinian, Saipan, and Guam. Islanders swear by its potency and ability to bring about that perfect citrusy zing in many island recipes such as chicken, beef, and fish kelaguen; fina'denne'; eggplant in coconut milk; and much more. Even try it in baked products and other desserts. Experiment with this product and see what you are able to make.

No other lemon powder product can match the potency, the depth, and the flavor like Yours Lemon Powder

  • Guam and the CNMI's most favorite lemon powder
  • 150 grams (comes in 3 individual packets of 50 grams each)
  • Comes sealed in a can for utmost freshness
  • Includes three sealed packs of lemon powder allowing you to keep your unopened packets fresh until needed
  • Can and contents weigh 5.29 ounces

Ingredients: Citric acid, Trehalose, Natural Lemon Flavor, L-Ascorvic Acid (Vitamin c), Sodium citrate.

Contents of can are fresh for one year from imprint date stamped on its underside. For example, if imprinted date is July 2023, the can is fresh through July 2024. 

This product is inspected for quality prior to packaging and is warranted against factory defects.