Guamazing Chamoru Designs Adult Coloring Book

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GUAMAZING Hand Drawn Art Featuring Chamoru Designs is an adult coloring book that highlights the beautiful images
of Guam and the tropics. Bertha Aflague, a Chamorro native of Guam, enjoys practicing the artful dance of her pen as she creates beautiful patterns that bring Guamanians and its visitors across the world back to the islands!

Detach yourself from the everyday distractions, excite your senses and unwind with detailed designs that will keep you entertained. Enjoy coloring a new collection of unique tropical and Guam-related images for your artistic endeavor. These unique hand-drawn designs are perfect for markers, fine pens, and colored pencils. Share your colorful creations with us by visiting Gerard Aflague Collection on Facebook!

Note: We do not recommend heavy, colored markers as they tend to bleed through the other side of the page.

Size: 8.5 x 11
Cover: Matte (Can be colored with markers)
Inside: Approximately 30 designs (with 60 pages total)

Note: Each page has an accompanying poetic description.

Book is warranted against printing and manufacturing defects.