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Large Tribal Guam Seal 7 Inch Twill Patch

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 What We Love About This Product

Our large Tribal Guam Seal 7 Inch Twill Patch is a great logo to put sew onto your jacket, martial arts gis and more to represent your island. It is 80% embroidery on twill material to keep cost moderately. This product is exclusively manufactured for the Gerard Aflague Collection. 

How You Can Use This Product
There are many uses for this patch. Frame it. Stitch it to your jacket, hoodie, and more. Represent your island on your martial arts gis.

What You Should Know About This Product
Product includes:

  •   1 each - Large Tribal Guam Seal  - 7x5 inch tall

Product features:

  • 20 percent twill material
  • 80 percent embroidered

Chamorro Inspired & Designed    |    Manufactured in China. Designed in the USA    

How This Product Works
Patches are a great way to place high-quality images onto apparel, to frame them, or to give them as gifts to family and friends.

Copyright notice: This design on this product is original art created and published by the Gerard Aflague Collection, copyright 2012. Any copying of this design is copyright protected.





This product is warranted for product quality and performance.