My First Tagalog Children's Bible Stories with English Translations

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"My First Tagalog Children's Bible Stories is a simple, yet vividly illustrated bilingual book that teaches kids Bible stories in Tagalog and English (the national languages of the Philippines). Find out how characters in the Bible come to trust God in different situations and learn about it in the Tagalog language." Enjoy the first ever Tagalog Children's Bible Stories from our unique collection. From the more popular selected Bible stories to the brightly colored illustrations and the Tagalog translations, there is surely much to gain from your child’s reading experience. This title is a great Christian gift that is spiritual, educational, and cultural.

Our children's bible offers 16 popular stories including: The Creation Story; Noah’s Ark; Story of Baby Moses; Daniel in the Lions’ Den; David the Shepherd; David and Goliath; Jesus in the Manger; Boy Jesus at the Temple; Zacchaeus, the Tax Collector; Jesus Calms the Storm; Little Children and Jesus; Jesus Walks on Water; Jesus Heals the Blind Man; Jesus’ Crucifixion; Resurrection of Jesus; and Jesus’ Second Coming.

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