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Neni Girl from Agat, Guam

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This book was inspired by the collective memories of the Sablan-Borja siblings raised in the village of Agat, Guam. Neni Girl Ana and Juan dolls were imagined and created for children of all ages -- with connections to the Marianas but living beyond its shores. Through this book, take a journey back to Neni Girl Ana's beautiful village, bringing her, Juan's and their siblings' childhood memories to life.

Enjoy this 22-page hardbound book by CHamoru author Anita Borja Enriquez, filled with beautiful vibrant color illustrations by local CHamoru artist Cianna Yanger.  Dr. Enriquez grew up in Agat (Hågat) with her parents, five sisters and a brother. A creative with an entrepreneurial spirit, she is a staunch supporter of local producers and preserving Guam's cultural heritage.

Dimensions: 8x8 inches

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