Ocean Blue Metal Tribal Guam Seal Wall Art*

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What We Love About This Product
This steel Tribal Guam Seal wall decor is a new line of metal works products for the Gerard Aflague Collection. This double layered bi-colored metal Tribal Guam Seal is a first of its kind. Machine cut and hand finished, nothing else speaks perfection than this wall-art decor. This Guam Seal is painted in a blue-green color in the background, and white in the forground. These two layers of metal make for a very unique Tribal Guam Seal.

How You Can Use This Product:
You can hang this artful piece on your wall in your garage, front porch, kitchen, or any other wall in your home or office. Place it on an easle as a table top decor as well.

What You Should Know About This Product

  • This is a 10.5 inch tall product x 8 inches wide.
  • Material is made of steel, painted, then baked in an oven for a long-lasting finish.

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This product is warranted against manufacturer's defects.