Small Latte Stone Guyuria Ridged Board - 5x7 inches

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What We Love About This Product
This latte stone shaped lifetime guyuria ridged roll-dough board makes those famous guyuria cookies that texture that are seen on individual crunchy cookies. Deep fried and delicious, our latte stone guyuria ridge-board allows you to create same ridges on your cookie dough easily.

How You Can Use This Product:
Take a finger-sized amount of dough onto your hand,  stretch the dough on the board, roll the dough back and into a scroll to reveal the ridges. Follow your guyuria recipe and cookie instructions to get them ready for the hot oil that it will swim in. Time it, take it out on a pan to dry, then garnish them with sugar water, and presto! Guyuria. Yummy. If you require assistance to find a perfect guyuria recipe, feel free to request one at

What You Should Know About This Product

Our guyuria roll-dough board is made of a resilient and lifetime kitchen appropriate material. We've scored, routed, sliced, and prepared this board just for the art of guyuria making. We are proud to be the only ones to offer a product of this quality. We know you'll be happy as well.

  • Material is made of lifetime, waterproof, resilient material approved by the FDA.
  • Board will not break or shatter if dropped
  • Board will not splinter or split with age
  • Board will not rot
  • Board is easier to cleant than wood
  • Wash by hand. Use toothbrush to remove food from ridges.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Dimensions of board is 7.5 inches tall x 5.25 inches wide at the widest areas x 1/2 deep.
  • Ridges span 5 inches x 7.5 inches wide at its widest dimensions. Back side is flat and not ridged.
  • Made so that two people can share in rolling dough from both ends of the board.

Other uses for this board:

Can be used to make gnocchi as well as klong klang, a Thai fried cookie.

Here is a sample of how your rolled dough will look using this product.


Product is warranted against manufacturer's defects.