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The Moon - Science and Astronomy Poster - 18x24

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This composite image of the Moon, Earth’s only natural satellite, includes colors, craters, and glow designed and printed on an 18x24 inch, 100 lb semi-gloss, book media paper. This is a valuable educational resource to display in a home, office, classroom, among other spaces. The reddish tones are areas rich in iron and feldspar, while the bluish tones are areas where the regolith is rich in titanium. Oxidization from the Earth’s atmosphere makes the colors appear as they do, with saturation levels increased artificially. The image was created by layering 200,000 images photographed by Andrew McCarthy in Arizona, with 50,000 colored images photographed by Connor Matherne in Louisiana. Display this poster using a frame with a visible area allowing 18x24 inches worth of poster to be shown through. This poster can be inserted into an 18-by-24-inch frame to protect it from dirt from a classroom's surroundings and from wear and tear that may arise from intensive use. It can also be cold laminated. Hot lamination is not recommended. This educational poster is rolled and stuffed into a tube before shipping to ensure that it will not be damaged during transport. Posters from the Gerard Aflague Collection make learning more interesting and visually appealing!

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