Unisex Modern Guam Seal Sports Rash Guard

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How You Can Use This Product:
Our rash guard area great exercise type apparel.

What You Should Know About This Product
Quantity: 1 (one) piece
Style: Unisex
Capacity:1/4 pound
Material: 80% Nylon, 15% Spandex
Logo: Modern Guam Seal©

Our Tribe© apparel was made from the bottom up to provide an apparel product that has quality features including double stitching, performance stitching at intersecting panels for increased durability, and branding both in and out to represent well.

Our general sizing chart reflects the following weight to size suggestions.
Small - 110-135 pounds; chest circumfrence 33.5 inches
Medium - 135-170 pounds; chest circumfrence 37.5 inches
Large - 170-200 pounds; chest circumfrence 41.75 inches
Extra Large - 200-225 pounds; chest circumfrence 45.25 inches
2X Large - 225-260 pounds; chest circumfrence 48.25 inches



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