Unpainted Hafa Adai w/Palms Artist Kit

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We've created this Hafa Adai w/Palms Painting Kit. Perfect for that artist that enjoys coming up with their creation. Kit will include decorating and painting instructions.

1. Upon receiving your kit, sand your Hafa Adai word and small islands as desired.

2. Use a sculpting tool if you would like to soften edges of your decor.

3. Add a spray texture or glitter finish in multiple layers as desired, if you want to achieve a unique look. Allow to dry between applications.

4. If a color you desire is not offered in the textured spray, use a latex paint of choice and paint as desired.

5. Let dry, then display for all to appreciate.

Note: Sandpaper, brushes, and paint not included.

Size: 12.75 x 2.25 inches
Material: Resin
Color: Unpainted
Accessories: Includes coconut trees and two small islands.

Fulfilled 4-7 days + USPS shipping selected.