Vroom - Cars, Trucks and Other Transportation in Chamorro Book

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Vroom - Transpottasion Siha - Cars,Trucks, and other Transportation is a softcover book to help children learn the names of various vehicles in Chamorro -  the language of the people of the Mariana Islands of Guam, Rota,  Tinian, and Saipan. Over 20 vehicles illustrated in this softcover including the car, truck, submarine, trash truck, cargo ship, passenger ship, space shuttle, canoe, small boat, carrier truck, police car, motorcycle, bicycle, hot air balloon, and more.

Sit down with your child and make learning Chamorro fun. This title makes a great addition to those wanting Marianas-themed books. Add this to your children’s library!

Chamorro author and illustrator,  Gerard Aflague, believes in using sight-words, engaging images, and learning tools to teach language
effectively. His commitment is to provide high-quality learning material to perpetuate his culture.

Type: Softcover

Size: 8.5x8.5 inches

Cover: Glossy

Inside: Matte - Non-Glossy

Inside Pages: 50

Picture Pages: Every page is beautifully illustrated

Color: Cover to Cover and Inside Pages

This book is warranted against factory printing defects.