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Our shipping terms are below, however, keep in mind that we also include a fulfillment time, which is the time it takes to get your ordered product prepared for packaging and in the hands of the postal service. So in total there is fulfillment time + USPS shipping time.

Fulfillment times are different for each type of product. See the availability details to the right of the product photo.

Types of Shipping Include -

Shipping Domestically

Domestically, we ship to all 50 states, outlying minor areas, to all APO/FPO zipcodes, U.S. Territories (Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, etc.),the CNMI, to Palau, and the FSM.

Our products are primarily shipped using the United States Postal Service. At checkout, depending on weight, you will have the opportunity to choose between First Class (13oz or less), Standard Mail, Priority Mail, and Express Mail. We do not offer media or library mail. In certain situations, if one elects Parcel/Standard Post and we determine that it is close in price to Priority mail, we may upgrade your shipping method free of charge. By doing this your package ships around two days faster.

(In some cases, we will use FedEx or UPS when our partner may use this shipping method).

The following are the estimated delivery times for each type of method chosen:

First Class - Most value friendly choice for small items
Estimated delivery 2-3 days, for small items 13 ounces or less (Ex. postcards, stickers, i-Phone case). Delivery not guaranteed, only estimated.

Standard Mail - Slowest but cheapest for packages too large or heavy for First class. This is trackable. (Uses surface transport).

Estimated delivery is 4-6 days to mainland United States; 5-14 days to AK/HI/GU/MP/FSM/Palau; 3-6 weeks between mainland and outlying areas. Some instances, parcel post can be up to a month under certain conditions. (This method is now trackable). Delivery not guaranteed, only estimates.

Priority Mail
Estimated delivery is 2-3 days to mainland United States addresses; 4-6 days to AK/HI/GU/MP/FSM/Palau; and 4-10 days to APO/FPO addresses (i.e. Germany, Japan, Korea, etc.). Note: These times not guaranteed. In most instances packages are trackable via USPS online, with some limitations brought about as a result the post office not scanning at certain points.

Express Mail
Estimated delivery is overnight to most US zip codes, 2 days to GU/MP/FSM/Palau. Automatic insurance of $100. Trackable via USPS online. 

Shipping Internationally (Outside of the United States) (For FPO/APO addresses please refer to above - Shipping domestically)

Internationally, we ship to all other areas outside of our domestic zones mentioned above. If it has a zip, we ship.

We ship internationally via the USPS using First Class, Standard Mail, Priority, and Express service. However, total estimated shipping times are not available and shall depend on multiple factors including shipping times of the USPS as well as the foreign carrier used to get the package to your address.