9 Ways to Self-Regulate Poster - 18x24

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Self-regulation is a way students can manage their emotions, behaviours, and attitudes, to reach an ideal level of stimulation where they are best able to learn. The classroom is an environment that constantly demands self-regulation behaviours, because they are critical for success with teachers and classmates, abiding by classroom rules, and attentively listening to the teacher.

The objective of understanding self-regulation in a school setting is to provide students with the tools necessary to help them focus, find a state of calm, and regulate themselves, while strengthening their personal well-being. 

To effectively support the development of self-regulation, it is important to observe students’ development, encourage and support each student in specific individual ways, and recognize what self-regulation looks and sounds like. Educators and special education teachers ought to be familiar with the factors that influence a student’s ability to self-regulate in their classrooms.

Our poster is a resource classrooms and schools can use to help students discover ways to self-regulate.

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