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Guam-Styled Marinade Recipe Made Easy Measuring Mug

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What We Love About This Product
Our recipe-made-easy measuring mug helps you make Guam-styled marinade perfect for your bar-b-que every time! This product is  a wonderful gift for young adults, children in college, or for those that just miss the taste of really yummy island-styled flavors in their bar-b-que. This heavy-duty frosted mug helps you prepare your fresh ingredients with soy-sauce, and provides additional preparation and serving instructions. What more could you ask for in a mug?

How You Can Use This Product
This mug assists individuals by identifying the ingredients that should be prepared in advance, and how to proportionately stack the ingredients as they follow the six easy steps. Important: All ingredients are stacked, then mixed with a spoon, then used as a marinade for raw meats. Cook as suggested and enjoy your meats that will be a hit with your family and friends.

What You Should Know About This Product
Quantity: 1 (one) frosted mug with heavy-duty handle. Product holds 16 oz of liquid
Weight: 8 oz
Dimension: 4x6 inches
Material: Frosted Glass

Note: Hand wash only. Do not microwave

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This product is inspected for quality prior to packaging and is warranted against factory defects.

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