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Kelaguen Made Easy Recipe Measuring Mug

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What We Love About This Product

This frosted mug with a printed recipe on its side makes kelaguen (lemon chopped coconut chicken) perfect everytime by following the stacking instructions. This product is perfect for that young adult, for children in college, or for those that love kelaguen and island-cooking, but need a little help doing it right all-the-time. Kelaguen is a wonderful side dish to eat with red rice, as a side with tortillas, rolled like a burrito with a soft flour or corn tortilla, or even by itself. Order your recipe made-easy mug today!

Using our recipe mug you'll always make the right ratio of ingredients. Prepare your fresh vegetables and chicken by following the simple steps. Mix, set, serve, and enjoy. It's that easy.

We are sure that when you make your first batch of kelaguen, you will know that you have what it takes to make the best kelaguen around. 

How You Can Use This Product:
This heavy-duty mug allows for easy-to-prepare kelaguen, always creating the right ratio of ingredients to make perfect kelaguen that all your family and friends will be talking about. Prepare your ingredients as instructed, stack it, let it set, then serve with tortillas 0 they taste yummy. 

What You Should Know About This Product
Quantity: 1 (one) frosted mug with heavy-duty handle. Product holds 16 oz of ingredients.
Weight: 8 oz
Dimension: 4x6 inches
Material: Frosted Glass

Note: Hand wash only. Do not microwave.

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