Children of the Green Jungle - Guam Book

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What This Book is About 
Children of the Green Jungle is a charming short-story of the native people of Guam, and their rapid evolution from simple island-life to current living in the 21st century.  It is written for children but retains deeper meaning for adults. The book alludes to the introduction of Catholicism after the arrival of Magellan as well as European diseases such as smallpox, which nearly decimated the Chamorro population.  It also alludes to the arrival of Japanese forces during World War ll and the often-cruel treatment upon the Chamorros, as well as to the liberation of Guam by United States Marines in 1944.

Age Appropriate: 6 years old and above
Author: Deanna Quitugua
Book Layout: Gerard Aflague
Size: 7X10
Cover: Glossy
Inside: Matte - Non-Glossy
Inside Pages: 32
Picture Pages: 5 pages colorfully illustrated out of 32 interior pages total
Color: Cover to Cover and Inside Pages

This book is warranted against factory construction and printing defects.