Rosa Plush Doll and Children’s Book Set (A Guam-themed Gift Idea)

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The Rosa plush doll and accompanying children’s book gift set comes in a beautiful box and is shipped directly from Guam (Guåhan) via USPS Priority Mail. 

1 ea - Rosa Plush Doll
Dimensions: 16” tall
Material: 100% polyester fiber
Origin: Designed in Guam and manufactured in China.
Care instruction: Surface washable only, air dry. Doll is wearing removable mestiza blouse and floral skirt with black zories on feet.  Made in China.

1 ea - Neni, Nåna, and Tåta at the Ranch in Guam Children’s Book
This accompanying full-color hardbound book features stories narrated by Rosa, inspired by the author’s and her relatives’ collective childhood memories of time spent with their Nåna and Tåta and their CHamoru clan at their ranch (låncho) in Yigo, Guam. In Guam, many families had their ranch, or låncho, where they gathered to farm, raise pigs and chickens, tell stories, relax, and have fune with familia. When I was a young child, Rosa and her familia loved to visit Nåna and Tåta’s låncho in the northern village of Yigo, Guam.  Together with plush doll Rosa, join them as they recall their fond memories in this beautiful illustrated children’s book ideal for all ages and those who call Guam home.

Book size: 8”x8” in, 31 pages, with English and CHamoru language translations and full color illustrations. 
Written by: Guam author Anita Borja Enriquez, D.B.A. 
Published by: Guam Treasures LLC.

Warranted against defects from plush manufacturer. Contact with details and photographs, as applicable.