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Guam: Return of the Songs Children's Book

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This new book profiles a variety of beautiful Guam birds and shares how the brown tree snake affected more than just these beautiful creatures. Read this book to children in both English and Chamoru and share this interesting story in word and picture. The arrival of the brown tree snake to Guam destroyed many native animals in the island's ecosystem. After several decades of combating these invasive snakes, their population has decreased enough to allow reintroduction of some bird species. This book tells the story of that invasion and the return of Guam's native birds, in both English and Chamoru.

Pages: 65

Author: Elaine A. Powers
Illustrated by: Dawn Lees Reyes and Lucille Ronquillo
Translated by: Rosa Salas Palomo and Marilyn R. Perez

Warranted against manufacture's printing defects.