Chronicle of the Mariana Islands

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Over time, the people of the Mariana Islands, the Chamorros, have been subjected to the ravishes of natural disasters, pestilence, war, and myriads of disquieting circumstances. After the arrival of the Spanish missionaries in the islands, such events were recorded, first by the Jesuits (1668-1769), and later by their successors, the Augustinian Recollects (1789-1908). The many Jesuit records have long been available; those of the Augustinians have been conspicuous by their absence.

In 1969, an abridged version of a long sought after nineteenth century register, or chronicle, known to have been kept in the Agana parish church was presented to the Micronesian Area Research Center, thereby confirming the survival of at least portions of the parish's Libro de cosas notables (The Book of Notable Things). For today’s readers, the Chronicle of the Mariana Islands is a treasure-trove of Chamorro nineteenth century memorabilia.

Edited by Marjorie G. Driver and Translated by Omaira Brunal-Perry Accounts by Father Aniceto Ibanez del Carmen, O.A.R. & Father Francisco Resano del Corazón de Jesús, O.A.R.

Marjorie G. Driver was an Associate Professor of Spanish and the Curator of the Spanish Documents Collection at the Micronesian Area Research Center, of which she is a founding member. With roots in the Eastern United States, she spent her childhood in Puerto Rico, is a graduate of Russell Sage and Middlebury Colleges and a long time resident of Guam. She taught in Guam’s high schools, was the principal at St. John’s School, and was a faculty member of the University of Guam. She has published numerous articles and English translations of historical materials concerning the lengthy Spanish presence in the Mariana Islands.

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Year of Publication: 1998 
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ISBN-13: 978-1878453266 
Pages: 236 pages
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